On December 20, 2021, Fore River Tactical launched a newly updated This new site is intended to be more user friendly while introducing new features to help build a better customer experience. Some of these features include;

  • Product filters i.e. caliber, frame size, brand.
  • In-Stock product notifications.
  • A more streamlined process for FFL transfers.
  • The ability to chat with us through the site.
  • A section in the checkout process to include the contact info for your preferred FFL dealer.
Please keep in mind that not all of these features are live as of today but we are working daily to bring you the best site we can bring you.
That brings us to some of the issues we have encountered with this launch;
  • Customer accounts have not been easily transitioned over so if you made an account before December 20, 2021 as of right now you will be required to recreate an account.
  • We are having problems with photo scale and aspect ratios for products on the home page and in the category pages, this doesn’t outright affect usability or functionality, but it looks bad and we hate that.
  • Product URLs from the previous site will bring you to a error page. This unfortunately will not be fixed as the new product SLUGs are designed to be better found through search engines.
Please bear with us as we work on these issues and if you encounter any issues please let us know by emailing us at


Earlier this year it was announced that the ATF would be re-launching the eForm 4. There was very little information surrounding what this launch would look like and left a ton of room for speculation. Then in November 2021, more information was released and again in December it was announced that the ATF was going to completely redesign the eForms site and that included bringing back the highly anticipated eForm 4. This update was slated to start at 9pm E.S.T. on December 17, 2021 and complete the morning of December 21, 2021, however, yesterday, the ATF sent out an email stating the tentative completion date has moved to December 23, 2021. Whether this new tentative date of completion will hold, only time will tell.

So now you maybe asking, what does all this actually mean?

First, it means that there will be a delay in eForm 3 approvals. The ATF Form 3 is the form that dealers, manufacturers and distributors file when they need to ship an NFA item to another dealer or distributor. With eForms being down this process can’t happen easily. There is always the ability to mail the forms in, but that would delay the approval even longer than waiting for the system to go back online.

Second, prior to this announcement when you wanted to purchase an NFA item like a silencer or short barreled rifle as a consumer, you would need to pay for the tax stamp and complete a Form 4 with your dealer and have it mailed to the ATF for processing. Because the only way to submit Form 4s for customers was putting a paper application in the mail, the wait time for approval was 8 months to a year or more for you to take your NFA item home.  With the reintroduction of the eForm 4, this “should” streamline the process and reduce the wait time. I say should, as we won’t actually know until the first processed forms start coming back approved. With the potential of a shorter wait time and more streamlined process, a lot of dealers are holding off on submitting paper Form 4s for the eForm 4, Fore River Tactical included.

Finally, with eForms being down at the moment you are unable to file an eForm 1, the form that allows you to make or register a suppressor, a short barreled rifle and a short barreled shotgun. 

We are actively watching the situation and will updating this post as we receive more information. If you are a customer of ours and are waiting to submit your Form 4, please be patient.

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  1. Great post! New site looks great! Thanks for the info on the eforms, really good information!

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