Live Scan Update - 1/22/21

Fore River Tactical is excited to announce that we are going digital. Well, adding some digitization to be more specific. We have partnered with Cerberus Live Scan to bring you digital fingerprinting and .EFT files for all your NFA and Non-NFA needs. This will be the latest addition to our eForm system to help expedite your NFA purchases and submissions. The system will give us the ability to digitally store your prints securely and allow us to easily print physical cards at any later date as well as convert the digital file to the required .EFT for all eForm 4 submissions.

Our goal is to have the system live and running by January 22nd and will be accepting appointments via our Book Your Service page here. You can also check our Fingerprint Services page here.

This newest addition will allow Fore River Tactical to be a one stop shop for all your NFA purchases.